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Bc. Mount Hood ‘Orchidglade’ AM/AOS. (p.8)

Catalog on Page 8. (Bc. De’ese x C. Claris). Classic 6” soft pink, broad pink ruffled lip with darker pink central dart, white halo and yellow throat. Awarded in 1966 through Jones and Scully in Miami, Florida. Mature plants minimum 5 bulbs with at least one sheath. 6” pots. $85.00 - 125.00


Any order totaling $200.00 may purchase Bc. Mt. Hood for $50.00 as long as supplies last. $300.00 orders get a plant at no charge. Minimum one plant per order.

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Orchid Aficionados, the SENTINEL listing is finally out. Why did it take nine years to produce this listing?

Every time I would attempt to issue a list, I was met with repotting, virus testing, establishing both new and historically valuable plans and most important, I was not satisfied that it was the best I could accomplish.

Orchids - 2017 / 2018 Catalog Highlights

Blc. Bouton D’Or ‘Lewis’ AM/AOS (p.7)

Blc. Brunswick Gem ‘Sentinel’s Watermelon’ HCC/AOS (p.7)

Blc. Cherry Suisse ‘Sentinel's Red Enamel' AM/AOS. (p.7)

Blc. Spring Meadow ‘Sentinel’s Chartreuse’ AM/AOS (p.9)

Blc Waikiki Gold ‘Easter Morn' HCC/AOS (p.9)

Pot. Egyptian Queen ‘Black Diamond’ HCC/AOS (p.11)

Brassia Rex ‘Waiomao Spotless’ FCC/AOS (p.18)

Dendrobium bigibbum (phal., bigibbum compactum) 'Harford' HCC/AOS (p.20)

During the past years I have adopted new fertilizer and potting media regimens, established an almost virus free collection, concentrated on plants only that grow and flower well, improved the level and value of the collection, selected, tested, and propagated hundreds of the orchid world's finest plants. Sentinel has received over 70 awards in the last ten years and 100 prior.

Sentinel is offering collection plants. I would like to have unlimited plants for sale, but unfortunately, most of the selections are limited to several or sometimes only one plant.

I hope that you enjoy reviewing this online listing for both the plants offered and the growing tips. I will be please to expedite your orders. Remember, Email is a good form of communication but the whole process works better with both emails and phone contact.