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My name is Mark Werther and I have been growing orchids since 1960. I am pleased to publish the 2022-23 catalog that represents the work of 14 years.  In 2013 I had a partial burnout in the second floor, BURN ZONE; 100’s of plants were discarded.  At that time the collection was totally reevaluated and several hundred plants were also discarded based on lack of performance or latent virus hits.  For the past seven years I have been on a mission to gather superior plants to further improve the collection and these plants are virus tested.  My total virus test number is 2670, 1300 since 2013. 
Please note that all plants are very limited and may only be one available.  Plants of smaller sizes and lessor price are sometimes available.  No foreign orders and no US orders requiring CITES, IMPORT/EXPORT and PHYTO PERMITS. Payments by check or Paypal – we are shipping.    

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Designed by Mark Werther, Architect.  To be seen as an integral part of residential structures.  South facing greenhouse view. The ridge is 24 feet in height.  One of the few greenhouses in the world designed to operate with second story growing.  8mm double wall acrylic roof panels, triple wall construction: 2 exterior wythes of 6” concrete masonry units, 2” Styrofoam in center combination wall system for passive solar performance.  The garage beyond has 30 solar panels that generate 6KW.
1200 square foot first floor area.  Plants can be on benches or hung at 6 various heights. 
Upper floor.  Also well-known as the ‘BURN ZONE’.  Access by circular stair.  Galvanized steel walkways supported by bottom cords of custom designed aluminum spanning trusses. Plants are suspended in galvanized metal trays and are hung from two levels of aluminum cross tubes. North wall has ¾” expanded metal wire for hanging.  Both manual and motor operated ridge vents.  Two 24” oscillating fans with 6 misting nozzles each utilized for humidification, and cooling.  New 65% shade cloth.