Conditions of Sale

Sentinel’s orchid business is based on personal customer service and supplying only highest quality plants. Please note that all offerings are very limited with some plants with only one division available.

  1. Minimum mail order is normally $200.00. Smaller orders under $200.00 can sometimes be processed with a $20.00 packing and handling charge plus shipping in Priority Boxes. All orders must be prepaid by check or money order.
  2. Although Sentinel is an approved Pennsylvania State Nursery, CITES approvals are not reasonable to obtain, therefore, sorry, but only orders to USA unless you have a CITES purveyor in the USA that will obtain the inspect-ions and ship the plants. Please NOTE, restricting states requiring CITES are also non-ship.
  3. All of our plants are quality, tested (unless otherwise noted) and are offered virus free. If you utilize an Agdia Test packet and discover virus within four weeks.  We will credit or refund.  Not many nurseries are even concerned.  Caveat emptor on E-bay and the like.
  4. All plants are offered in limited numbers, sometimes only 1. Please remember that it can take several years to get an established division of only one plant.  Often smaller divisions may be available at lessor cost.  Many of the offerings are ‘closely held’. This means highly selected divisions are very limited and rarely seen in collect-ions.  Sentinel does not compete with other dealers in providing low priced plants in the thousands.  Do not hesitate to request recommendations.
  5. Make a list of plants that you would like to order and contact Sentinel (610-688-8528). A five minute phone call will save much time.   Let me know your address.  Plants that you would like to order will be evaluated and marked or pulled.  Any plants found that are not in perfect condition will not be forwarded.  Often different sizes are available.  We do not substitute unless discussed and approved.
  6. When I confirm you order, you may provide your full shipping address, preferred shipping time, special instructions and your E-mail, and phone number(s) by phone or E-mail. If you anticipate requiring more information about plants, different sizes available, then contact by phone.
  7. When Sentinel confirms your order and determines best way of forwarding, a final invoice will be generated with charges for packing and shipping.
  8. Please forward check or money order. Your order will be held for ten days maximum until payment is received. After ten days, orders without payment will be considered void and plants made available to other customers. 
  9. Sentinel plants are guaranteed for a limited time, generally 60 days with proper care. Our customers rarely have problems, but we provide the guaranty anyway, as even sturdy plants sometimes decide to make the journey to orchid heaven. We want you to be satisfied with your plants. If you are not for any reason, first notify us, then return the plants within ten days and we will refund your purchase price.  Our liability is limited to the purchase price of the plants.  Purchaser is responsible for packing and postage of return plants.
  10. This list cancels previous listings.  We reserve the right to limit quantities.
  1. Almost all of our shipments are sent priority US Postal Service. Minimum packing cost starts at about $10.00 for small plant orders. We will quote you our estimated price for shipping. 
  2. We usually do not ship plants between Nov. 30 - April 1. Some orders are processed during that time and sent out during weather breaks. We will be happy to tag your plants, grow them larger and ship when weather permits. We may consider heat packs, but this is risky with recent COVID delays in shipping. Customers are welcome to pick up plants at the greenhouse by appointment.
  3. Pennsylvania residents, please add 6% sales tax to cost of plants and shipping.
  4. Discounts: May be deducted, additional plants included and/or offset shipping costs. Except for plants SPECIAL  marked - no further discount.


  • $400.00 - $999.00 for a 10% discount
  • $1000.00 - $2000.OO+ for a 20% Investor discount


Order by phone:
Tel: 610-688-8528
or email: 
Checks Payable to:
Sentinel Orchids
1131 Rossiter Lane, Radnor, PA 19087